Story/book character I created for practice.

Not so long ago I got my hands on a iPad pro, I love it so far. It’s a nice gadget I can bring with me everywhere I go and draw.
To familiarize myself with the new software on the iPad pro I do small exercises or projects to practice.

So the idea for this illustration; create an image with bit of story, make it a bit more interesting than a character alone. I looked up some reference from the internet (where else?) and mainly Pinterest, I was thinking of an art piece that could be a cover of a book.

So I created this girl, cozy in a big armchair reading a book. But the girl in fully taken by this scary book.
The style is a bit sketchy and rough. For this design I really like that the lines are not perfect and the gradients are not so smooth. It gives the whole illustration a more paint look.

Medium: digital art
Tool: procreate