Fun character design created in my free time!

Not so long ago I got my hands on a iPad pro, I love it so far. It’s a nice gadget I can bring with me everywhere and draw.
To familiarize myself with the new software that comes with the iPad pro I did a small, but fun exercise.

So for this small exercise I different characters, but in this case I wanted to create a child/teen. I took some reference from the internet (where else?) and Pinterest.
I drew the girl in a more story book/cartoon style and with more expression. My idea was a tomboy/adventurous/explorer type of girl with wild messy hair. The style is a bit sketchy and rough.
For these design I really like that the lines are not perfect. It gives the girl more character.

Medium: digital art
Tool: procreate

See the result down below. For other character designs check my main page or see this post.