Sofie Wiegink

I am Sofie Wiegink and this is my portfolio website. Here you will find a large collection of my illustration work. Both personal work, what I am working on in my spare time, and commissioned illustrations.
As a kid I was always busy drawing and painting. No surprise that I ended up doing a graphic design studies. After studying graphic design I wanted to focus more on both traditional and digital illustration, because I noticed that’s where my heart truly lies.

So I joined Art & Technology at Saxion University, an education where art and technology meet and where I could invest time in improving my art skills. During these years, at school and internships, I learned the value of a team where everyone has his/her own experience and skills to make something beautiful.
Now I have my own business, Sofie Wiegink illustrations,



A number of projects I have worked on:

– Logo design for SBO school: the Welle:
– Character design and backgrounds for animation:
– Storyboarding and design:
– Design and illustrations for graphic expressions:

Do you need an illustration or do you want to know the possibilities? Go to my commissions page or mail to: